What is Street Brew



We are a counter-culture initiative that recognizes the less fortunate members of our society. Our desire is to inspire others to partner with us in our social justice movement that addresses the needs of those who need a helping hand to change their circumstances.

The idea for Street Brew began in 2013 when Ross, Pat and Caitlin joined with several non-profit organizations that were engaged in street outreach programs in the GTA. During this time the family began different fundraising initiatives to effect change for the street-challenged individuals. Our experiences although quite well intended left us wanting to develop a sustainable program that provides continual support and solutions for those wishing to escape the street life.

Our own obsession with quality coffee has motivated us to develop a unique custom-blended and craft roasted line of superior coffees. Street Brew Coffee was developed as a product for discerning coffee consumers. The sale of every bag of our coffee and our merchandise will provide funds that will directly impact the homeless.