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Personalized Video Shoutout

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Love watching Caitlin’s coffee content on Tiktok, YouTube or Instagram? Now you can purchase a personalized video shoutout from Caitlin! This is the perfect gift for birthdays or Christmas.

Once the order has been placed we’ll reach out for more information to complete the video. 

Each Shoutout will include:

(1) 40-60 second personalized video message from Caitlin. 

* "Personalized video shoutouts can’t be used for anything other than private message without written consent from Caitlin and/or street brew coffee”

** "Creator will not perform anything embarrassing or take place in any bullying, or harassment”

*** "No videos will contain Nudity, Sexually Explicit Content or Sexualization of Minors." 

By purchasing You acknowledge and agree that the Talent User has sole discretion to determine how to fulfill your request and the content of the Street Brew Shoutout Video created, and may not follow your request exactly. We reserve the right to reject any request in our sole discretion. The Talent User has up to seven days (at our sole discretion) to fulfill or decline your request.

Why Street Brew?

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At Street Brew we believe coffee lovers deserve the best possible coffee experience with every cup. We craft roast high quality beans in small batches to ensure each bean is roasted equally to their maximum flavour profile. We roast fresh beans weekly to ensure you receive the freshest coffee. We’re creating a community of coffee lovers.