Rawhide Mason Jar Mugs

Regular price $40.00

Introducing our STREET BREW Rawhide Mason Jar; Genuine Rawhide Wrap beverage holder fabricated by our Canadian leather artisan. FDA approved tempered glass mason jar complete with tin-coated vacuum-sealed lids; withstands temperatures up to 121° C {250° F}

  • Retro classic beverage vessel

  • 8 oz genuine rawhide leather

  • Removable for washing

  • Vacuum sealed lid for safe portability

  • Perfectly safe for hot or cold beverages

  • May also be used for adult beverages {we don't judge}

Why Street Brew?

Craft Roasted For Coffee Lovers

At Street Brew we believe coffee lovers deserve the best possible coffee experience with every cup. We craft roast high quality beans in small batches to ensure each bean is roasted equally to their maximum flavour profile. We roast fresh beans weekly to ensure you receive the freshest coffee. We’re creating a community of coffee lovers.

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